Men's Jewelry: More Than Just an Accessory

The trend of men wearing jewelry is not a new phenomenon. In today's world, we find models, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts all sporting different kinds of jewelry. However, what's interesting is how more and more men around the globe are attaching greater importance to jewelry that goes beyond just being an accessory. An example of this is DUEROS, a brand founded in the beautiful city of Barcelona (Spain), that combines chic and innovative designs with a special lifestyle symbolism, which allows their clients to feel confident, sexy, and free.


At DUEROS, the design and meaning of each piece of jewelry are considered to be of great importance. "We generally create jewelry that we love ourselves and that we would wear. We have a lot of symbolic motives which are typical for jewelry but always try to take a known and meaningful motive like a Cross or an Angel and make it our own, design it that way that it becomes our special version which fits the DUEROS style," comments Kosta, co-founder of DUEROS.


As an illustration of this, consider their Guardian Angel Escapulario: "We took an angel and framed it, creating a beautiful pendant with our typical design language. The angel is soaring, only attached on the left and right of the frame." Another typical product is their Cross Escapulario, which has "the scapular structure with two crosses instead of standard rectangle pendants."


The DUEROS brand stands for a positive and active lifestyle, traveling around the world, feeling positive and good about oneself. It caters to those who are tired of the conventional, who dare to wear more than the typical sober watches and accessories without meaning, without hues, that express their personality, that carry pieces that speak of their lifestyles, of what makes them unique, authentic, and different. That is why customers love DUEROS, and it has become a very popular present among couples. As one of their clients mentioned, "Bought the angel wings bracelet to commemorate the beginning of our relationship. The piece is beautiful and arrived quickly and safely... beyond thrilled to carry this on our wrists for the rest of our lives."


Modern men are not afraid to wear jewelry. They are not afraid of being themselves because the meaning of the jewelry they wear can express their personality, ideology, emotions, and spirituality. In conclusion, men's jewelry has evolved into something much more than just an accessory; it is now a means for men to express themselves, their beliefs, and their individuality.

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