Beautiful Places That Inspired DUEROS´ Jewelry

The joy of travelling and an adventurous spirit allows us to experience the grace and great cultural variety that exist around the globe.
It is this authenticity and beauty which connects the DUEROS jewelry to these unique spots. Each piece transports us to a wonderful place, reflecting the same characteristics that define DUEROS and its project #duerosaroundtheworld.
Here, we want to show you three products based on three beautiful places:
1. The Rio scapular, designed with the image of Cristo Redentor of Rio de Janeiro. It consists of two equal pendants, one on the back and one on the front allowing it to be worn on both sides. It is made of a diamond cut link chain and can be put on and taken off over the head.This beautiful scapular represents one of the seven wonders of the world and all the beauty of Brazil.
2. The Mykonos bracelet is a colourful piece of unique jewelry that represents the style of the Greek islands; it combines a cylinder covered in yellow gold, decorated with 3 turquoise stones, and a dark blue or red macramé. It is made of 925 sterling silver coated with 18k yellow gold and high quality Italian nylon. Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands with international jetset, a vivid nightlife and incomparable beauty.
3. The Mosaic scapular is inspired by the beautiful architecture of the Mediterranean, denoting its wealth and fine artistry. The base material of this necklace is 925 sterling silver and the 18k yellow gold layer has a thickness of 3 microns, which is highest industry standard.
DUEROS gives you the chance to carry these unique places, memories and travel experiences with you at all times and never forget the amazing times you had.

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