Three Trending Men's Jewelry Designs This Autumn

The trend in men's jewelry this season is gold. It gives you a sophisticated look and shines bright so that you do not go unnoticed.


These three necklaces by DUEROS are handcrafted by artisans and created for men who are willing to live unique experiences and let themselves be inspired by their distinct and unique style.




 Necklaces Men

This precious piece of men's jewelry is made of 18K solid gold.

Inspired by the four main elements of the earth: fire, earth, air, and water. The Elements Necklace is a unique jewel with components that are connected and create one unity but still move freely against each other.  



 Shop Flower of Life Scapular

Flowers endure to be the symbol of spring but our version brings proportion and perfect harmony to your autumn season outfit.

This sophisticated piece of men's jewelry describes the geometrical laws which create everything that exists and unites mind and heart, spirit and matter, science and spirituality. Made of gold plated yellow gold.



 Shop Icon Scapular

If what you are looking for pure and simple lines oriented towards minimalism with a sophisticated and elegant look, the Icon necklace is for you!

This piece of men's jewelry represents protection and empowerment, its design will make you feel unique. Made of gold plated yellow gold.


Whichever is your favorite style, DUEROS necklaces are so versatile that you can wear them this fall for all occasions - at work or during a night out at night, it is always with you. 

We invite you to discover these and more styles in our store, you will end up with a difficult choice which ones to add into your shopping cart!

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