The brand DUEROS was born in the beautiful city of Barcelona (Spain), reflecting the beauty of what this city stands for - A sun-kissed lifestyle, travellers from all around the world, vacations, culture, Mediterranean weather and unique products.

The word DUEROS is a fusion of the words 'DUO’ and 'EROS’: DUO stands for ‘2’ and is the DNA of the brand - The 2 co-founders, the 2 sided logo, the 2 protective pendants of the flagship product called Escapulario, the connection between 2, which can be the love to a partner, a family member, a friend, an animal or also a certain place in the world. EROS is the god of love in the Greek mythology. Combined these 2 words merge into a powerful blend which describes exactly what the brand stands for.


The multi-ethnic origins of the founders and the fact that they have traveled the world extensively, experiencing different countries, cultures, religions and interesting people, are mirrored in the design of all their DUEROS products and the project #duerosaroundtheworld which connects beautiful landmarks from all around the globe with pictures sent by customers and friends of all races and countries.


The Scapular (Escapulario in Portuguese) is historically a religious necklace with 2 pendants. Originating from the robe worn by monks, draping from shoulder to shoulder, it embodies priestly Dignity and Power. DUEROS took this beautiful and historic symbol dating back to the 7th century, and given the necklace a modern design yet maintaining its traditional heritage. Especially known and popular in Brazil in current times, the Escapulario is meant to be a present for people with a special bond to each other, a talisman which protects the loved one you buy it for.  

DUEROS products are handcrafted in Sterling Silver which is finished in Rhodium or plated with 18 Carat Gold by artisans from the desert state of Rajasthan, Jaipur, the capital, also known as the “pink city” has been the ruling kingdom to the most opulent Maharajas and Royalty. Their extravagant taste for precious gems and stones has given Jaipur its reputation and inspiration for old houses of Jewellery like Boucheron & Cartier.