The Flower of Life Bracelet by DUEROS

Getting dressed for a night out with our Flower of Life bangle. Elegant, beautiful, timeless.

DUEROS in Zanzibar

Dive into a new exotic side of DUEROS with African beats and our beautiful local model from Zanzibar!

DUEROS in the Bahamas

Filmed in the Bahamas, on a special island inhabited by marvellous leguans, this clip features DUEROS' necklace called Icon.

DUEROS Around The World

Let us take you on a unique adventure trip around the globe - 9 countries, 5 continents & 2 world wonders! This one is for all the travel & adventure spirits.💥

DUEROS - Making Of Photoshoot 2019

Let us take you backstage to the DUEROS Photoshoot Campaign 2019. It was shot in a studio in Barcelona with out stunning models from Spain and Venezuela. Enjoy it! 😉😎

DUEROS on the Greek Islands

Shot on the beautiful islands Mykonos & Santorini, this sexy video is starring our unique Escapulario 'Cross' next to the new bracelets. Experience the magic of Greece with us!

Dancing on the Caribbean Islands

A magical round trip through Aruba, Dominica & St. Barth's, where several scenes were filmed in the exclusive Villa Amancaya, the famous location for shoots of Victoria's Secret models and other stars!

DUEROS Luxury Yacht In Sydney

Pure luxury - A yacht in the harbour of Sydney in front of the world famous opera house. In this video we are starring our first 18K Gold Escapulario with a very special design. Check it out!

DUEROS in Australia

Introducing the necklaces with the exchangeable colour cords! New designs, new concept, new video filmed all over Australia. Don't miss this! 😎

DUEROS - Be Who You Wanna Be

This clip of the campaign DUEROS in the Maldives is starring our friend George Dojo from Sydney, Australia and the brand new Escapulario Buddha/Om in Sterling Silver. Check it out!

DUEROS - By Your Side

A beautiful island in the Maldives, sunshine, light blue sea and a lady with her DUEROS Escapulario. Starring our beautiful friend Desiree from Germany and her gold plated Escapulario Buddha/Om. Enjoy it!

DUEROS - Chilling In The Sunlight

Feel the summer with DUEROS - It was shot in the breathtaking biggest over water villa in the world in the Maldives! Starring our friend Marlon and his Escapulario Rio.

DUEROS - Be Who You Wanna Be

Be who you wanna be, do what you wanna do, free the beast inside of you. Featuring our signature Guardian Angel escapulario and the Angel Wings bracelet.

DUEROS in the Ice Hotel

Experience DUEROS from a different side surrounded by beautifully shaped ice at -20 degrees! This clip was filmed in a stunning Ice Hotel at the Arctic Circle.

DUEROS - Desert Heat

The video of our official campaign 2016, filmed in the dunes outside of our home city Barcelona starring our beautiful models who all live in this exceptional city.

DUEROS in Rio de Janeiro

DUEROS goes back to the origins of the Escapulario, Rio de Janeiro! Our model 'Rio' is inspired by the famous Christo statue, one of the 7 modern world wonders. ☀️😎

DUEROS In Thailand

The islands of Thailand, white beaches, green waters..and even the monkeys are becoming fans of DUEROS! This special video is starring our Angel collection, check it out!

DUEROS in St. Barth's

DUEROS introducing the unique Escapuario 'Flower of Life', the necklace which follows your every move! This promo clip was filmed on the beautiful island of St. Barth.

Making of Photo Shoot 2015

The photo shoot took place at the beautiful beach of Garraf in the south of Barcelona. Our models Macarena, Gustavo, Saro, Oscar & Albert are Spanish or Venezuelan and all live in the fascinating Barcelona, the city where our brand DUEROS has its origins, too. The idea of creating our own Escapularios was born by the popularity of these special necklaces in this fashionable and trend setting city.