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Let us take you on a journey with our DUEROS campaign videos filmed in stunning places all around the world. Australia, Asia, North and South America & Europe, which one is your favourite? :) See all Videos

The Brand DUEROS

Founded in Barcelona in 2015, DUEROS is a jewelry brand which stands for unity, love and protection. Each of our pieces is an expression of meaningful moments and moving experiences made throughout our travels around the world and together with the people we care about. DUEROS is more than jewelry, it is a lifestyle full of adventure, inspiration and discovery of the new. It connects different cultures and believes. Join us! Read More


DUEROS has been featured on national TV (The Voice, RTL Geramny, Spain) and numerous magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, ELLE, Avenue Illustrated and many more. Find out more here.

The Scapular

The iconic Scapular (Escapulario) is a necklace with 2 pendants. DUEROS combines sacred and spiritual symbols with a timeless and modern design in shape of fine jewelry. Especially known and popular in Brazil in current times, the Scapular is meant to be gifted to people you care about, it is a talisman which protects your loved ones.


Join us on a beautiful journey around the world. Our customers sent us these pictures of their DUEROS jewelry in front of famous landmarks and landscapes. See the pictures here.