5 pieces of men's jewelry to update your outfit this summer

We know that summer and it's warm temperatures are expressed with less clothing, but also with great style. While you enjoy the warmth with sexy and comfortable clothes, the final touch that will express your essence will be more than your accessories: it will be your jewelry.


This is why we recommend the following 5 pieces of men's jewelry from DUEROS, they will highlight your summer tan and update your outfit:


Balance Escapulario

Every man should have a slim chain that is carefully balanced in length, Balance Escapulario combines two identical pendants, one on the front and one on the back, these interpret branches of a tree which stand for the balance of the elements and nature. It is the perfect fit to wear with an open neck shirt.


Flower of Life Bracelet

The trend has moved towards minimal, refined bracelets. This bracelet combines two angel wings that move freely from each other with our typical diamond curved link chain. We love it for its significance, reflecting DUEROS’ dual concept, which means, the connection between 2, which can be the love of a partner, a family member, or a friend. As it is a subtle piece, you can wear it on the same wrist as your watch, although one thing is clear: A stylish bracelet shines on it's own.


TWO Ring

The best rings are the lightweight ones, that you might even forget you’re wearing. This exceptional ring consists of two parts which can be combined and worn in various ways giving the ring many different looks! Available in 18K Yellow Gold Plated over Sterling Silver 925 and 925 Sterling Silver.

We recommend not to wear more than 2 rings on the same hand.


DUEROS Cross Hoop Earrings

Nothing quite says self-expression like a man’s earring; go for versatile pieces that add an attractive touch to your summer look like these DUEROS’ Earrings, which are crafted in 925 sterling silver.



Rio Escapulario

We love the DUEROS scapular, as it is a unique piece of jewelry for men for its aesthetics and meaning. The Escapulario Rio represents one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the Christo Redendor (Christ the Redeemer), on the mountain Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. This statue stands for the beauty of Brazil like no other symbol. Definitely, this Escapulario is a great addition to your summer styling.


These jewels highlight the style and elegance that is the summer season. What it means to consider DUEROS jewels as an opportunity to show off the exquisiteness and delicacy that connect with the joy and higher vibrations of the sun, air and nature.


DUEROS reaffirms your individuality, represents your beliefs, and what brings you joy. Each one of them becomes your personal seal that distinguishes you and endorses your essence.


Remember that your style is a kind of spiritual armor that you can take wherever you want, whenever you want, and this is your chance to wear your men's jewelry with pride.

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