Buddha / Om Scapular



- Highest quality solid 925 Sterling Silver
- Rhodium coating for protection against oxidation
- Second e-coating for extra layer of protection

One size fits all!

The Buddha or “The Enlightened One” was brought up by his father in great abundance in a palace built just for the boy, to shelter him from knowledge of religion and humanity. He left the realm to sit under a tree for several years until he attained pure light and “awakened.”

The vibration created by whispering 'Om' on the physical plane corresponds to the original vibration that arose in creation at the time of Creation. ‘Om’ also represents the 4 states of the Supreme Being – awakening, dreaming, falling asleep and silence.

This beautifully crafted scapular combines both symbols in one piece. With its 3D embossed shape the Buddha protrudes out of the frame. The Om pendant at the other end is set in a beautiful piece of silver.

It is an endless necklace which slides above your head and has no beginning or end. One size fits all.

Length of necklace (with pendant): 340 mm (total 680 mm)                      
Chain length (without pendant): 310 mm (total 620 mm)
Chain thickness: 1.5mm
Pendant width: 11.5mm
Pendant height: 16.5mm

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