Flower Of Life Scapular

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- Highest quality solid 925 Sterling Silver
- Rhodium coating for protection against oxidation
- Second e-coating for extra layer of protection


The flower of life is also known as the “sacred geometry” –  a perfect form, proportion and harmony are known to philosophers, architects and artists around the world. It describes the geometric laws that create everything in existence and unites mind and heart, spirit and matter, science and spirituality.

DUEROS takes this symbolic pattern and creates a necklace with a special feature - the pendants move smoothly and change position in sync with each movement!

It is an endless necklace that slides over your head and has no beginning or end. One size fits all.

Length of necklace (with pendants)
321 mm (total 642 mm)                       
Chain length (without pendants): 315 mm (total 630 mm)
Chain thickness: 1.5 mm
Pendant width: 6 mm
Pendant length: 25 mm

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