Guardian Angel Scapular



Base: highest quality solid 925 Sterling Silver
Coating: 18K Yellow Gold (thickness of 3 microns, highest standard in industry)
Second e-coating for extra layer of protection


A guardian angel is a spirit designed to protect and guide a person, group, kingdom or country – guarding and watching over them in a single, strong bond.

This beautifully crafted angel soars in the typical DUEROS Scapular frame, attached only on the wing tips. With its embossed 3D shape, the angel pops out of the frame and looks like it's about to fly.

It is an endless necklace that slides overyour head and has no beginning or end. One size fits all.

Length of necklace (incl pendants): 343 mm (total length 686 mm) span>                      
Length of chain (without pendants): 310 mm (total length 620 mm) span>
Chain thickness (fine): 1.5mm
Pendant width: 12 mm
Pendant height: 19mm

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